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How to Install a Roof Drip Edge

If you find yourself wondering how to install a roof drip edge to protect your roof against water damage, our professionals at Dream Home Roofers are...

How to Replace Missing Shingles

Have you noticed some missing shingles on your roof? It’s a common issue that can lead to leaks and other problems if not addressed promptly....

How to Install Roll Roofing

Roll roofing is an excellent choice for small or low-pitch roofing projects or as a temporary roofing solution. It’s a quick and cost-effective...

How to Shingle a Hip Roof

Shingling a hip roof can be a manageable project for the handy homeowner. A hip roof has a unique structure, with four sloping sides that meet at the...

Who Replaces Old Roofs?

Trust the Experts at Dream Home to Replace Your Old Roof Is your roof showing signs of wear and tear? Are you considering replacing your old roof...
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