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Reliable Asphalt Roof Installation

Dream Home Roofers is a trusted residential roofing contractor operating in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, specializing in asphalt roof installation services. Our comprehensive services cover the entire process, from removal to final detailing, catering to all types of asphalt roofing systems and to the unique roofing specifics of every home.

Enhance Your Home With New Asphalt Roofing

Promptly replacing your asphalt roof ensures long-term protection for your home. It protects your home from rain, sun exposure, wind, and various other elements. Also, the roof is a crucial part of your home’s building envelope, significantly influencing the cost-effectiveness of heating and cooling your home. It serves as an insulator, affecting the comfort of your living space. A well-maintained roof can dramatically enhance the curb appeal and overall value of your property if you plan on selling in the future.

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Asphalt Roof Installation Benefits

Signs You Need an Asphalt Roof Installation

It’s extremely important to plan your new asphalt roof installation ahead of time, in alignment with the anticipated lifespan of your existing roofing material. Dream Home Roofers advises yearly inspections of your roof and prompt attention to any required repairs. It’s also wise to conduct your own regular checks. Key indicators of a roof nearing the end of its lifespan include a drooping roofline, shingles that are missing, unsecured, curling, losing granules, as well as deteriorating or corroded flashing, and the presence of mold or fungus. Also, an unexpected increase in your energy bills could signal an issue with your roof’s performance.

Why Choose Dream Home Roofers?

Dream Home Roofers is a well-established and fully licensed roofing company with years of experience. We’ve successfully executed numerous asphalt roof installation projects, regardless of their scale or complexity. Our pricing is competitive, complemented by flexible financing choices and transparent, upfront quotes. Using solely premium-grade materials, our methods surpass both building code specifications and manufacturer warranty criteria. We prioritize excellence in customer service, ensuring your satisfaction with our work through our commitment to quality and care.

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Experienced With All Asphalt Roofing Products

Installing an asphalt roof is a chance not just to boost your home’s curb appeal, but to completely transform it. The variety of asphalt roof installation options we provide come in a wide range of colors, and our roofing pros are here to assist you in selecting the ideal match for your home.

Architectural Asphalt Roof Installation

Architectural Asphalt Shingles

Architectural shingles are a favored option for replacing and installing asphalt roofs. These shingles resemble the standard asphalt variety but boast a greater thickness, enhancing their durability and expanding design options.

Dimensional Shingles Explained

Dimensional Shingles 

Dimensional shingles offer a visually appealing and durable roofing option. These strong shingles mimic the look of natural materials like wood or slate while providing excellent weather resistance and longer warranties.

Roofing Inspections You Can Rely On

If you’re interested in an asphalt roof installation, we’re always available to visit your home for an inspection and offer our expert evaluation. Our roofing pros can even inspect roofs for those in the process of buying or selling a property. Feel free to reach out to us for your yearly roof inspection or following a significant storm. We’re here to help pinpoint any potential issues early on, preventing them from escalating into more severe roofing concerns.

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For a seamless and professional asphalt roof installation that guarantees to protect and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, look no further than the professionals at Dream Home Roofers. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and service, from the initial inspection to the final touches. Contact us online today if you’re in the market for an asphalt roof installation or have any questions about your current roof.

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Has there been a storm in recent months that has damaged your home? Have your shingles or other roofing materials failed before their expected lifespan? Is your roof over 20 years old? These are the main reasons you need to install new roofing materials on your home. Our roofing company does what many other companies don’t do, and that is focusing only on roof replacements so that you can get the protection you need as affordably as possible. Call 1-855-610-9720 or contact us today to set up your free consultation and discuss your roof replacement needs.

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Dream Home Roofers may contact me about its services through various automated and recorded means including telephone, text and email.